Update October 2015

Update October 2015


The Annual General Meeting was held October 20, 2015 at the Delta Edmonton South Hotel in Edmonton, AB. The AGM itself saw a presentation from MARS to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation for a total of $5,750.00 as a result of the golf tournament earlier in the year. The membership then reelected the following individuals to a two year term: Cameron Bowie, Alta-Fab; Craig Mitchell, Britco; Aaron Joyes, Northern Frontier Corp.; Dustin Olson, Skyline Group. Directors with one remaining in their term are: Ron Hegdahl, BCT Structures; Wes Patterson, Brokel Stainless; Bud Rich, TA Structures and Larry Roeske will be reappointed as the Technical Committee Chairman. The association’s Executive Director reviewed the 2014 financial statements which were then approved by the meeting. Finally the chairman of the technical committee provided an update of the committee’s activities in the past year as well as plans for the coming year.

The day’s activities also included a trade show, sponsored by eighteen exhibitors from the ranks of the Associate Members and held immediately following the AGM. A selection of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and an open bar greeted the attendees and led to an afternoon of excellent networking. The day ended with a dinner headlined by guest speaker Dana Benner of AltaCorp Capital who provided a very well received presentation, now available on the MARS web site.


Mars Chairman, Cameron Bowie presents donation to Joanna Begg Pattison of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

AltaCorp AGM Dinner Presentation

Dana Benner’s presentation is now available at the MARS web site www.marsassociation.ca under the ‘Members’ button.

New Board Appointment

The 2015/16 Board has appointed Craig Mitchell, Britco LP as the Chair of the board replacing Cameron Bowie who will continue as a Director.

Technical Committee Update

The committee’s plans for 2016 will be focused on three elements with the first two having the higher priorities. The first is the update to the PART 10 code. The committee has begun a line by line review of part 10 and will be requiring the help of a technical writer to complete the project. Anyone who knows of a technical writer with building code experience who is prepared to take on this contact may pass the information on to Roger Soucy at MARS.

As a result of the association’s meetings with governments it has become clear that PART 10 will not likely be accepted outside of Alberta. For a province to introduce an addition to their building codes would likely require two years of effort navigating the various departments affected. It has been determined that a much easier approach would be to develop a ‘Reference’ standard with an organization such as CSA. Many such references are already being used by the provinces and therefore the second element will be to develop such a standard. MARS is working with Alberta Municipal Affairs on this matter. The PART 10 review would ultimately feed into the development of a reference standard.

The third element is the development of a Best Practices Guide for PART 10/reference standard. The committee’s investigation into this has resulted in the identification of a possible experienced entity that could be contracted to develop the guide. However, the cost is prohibitive for MARS to take on alone. The committee is therefore working with the contractor to determine if other funding sources are available. The development of the guide will therefore likely take more than a year to complete assuming that additional funding can be identified.

Members Web Site Update

Have you checked out your corporate information on the MARS web site recently? Make sure the company contacts and related information are current. Contact the MARS office with any update requirements.
In addition it is noted that some companies still have the old MARS logo on their web sites. The new logo, in various formats, is available in the ‘Members’ area of the MARS website www.marsassociation.ca.

Web Site Advertising

Advertising page banners (see the space at www.marsassociation.ca) are available on the MARS web site. Contact Roger Soucy for details.

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