Update May 2014

Update May 2014

April General Meeting

The April 24th, 2014 General meeting was very well attended with some 80 people registering. The meeting was highlighted with a presentation of the new MARS Strategic Plan which was well received by those in attendence. Now the challenge is to deliver on the commitments. Electronic copies of the PowerPoint presentation were sent to the membership and can be obtained by contacting rsoucy@marsassociation.ca with a request.

Dinner followed the strategic plan presentation with a guest speaker Alex Morrison, Executive Director Safety Services, Alberta Department of Municipal Affairs. Alex confirmed that Part 10 was not disappearing from the Alberta code. In fact he reconfirmed that the department will be working with MARS to update and upgrade Part 10 this year.

A special thanks to the Event Sponsors for the evening TA Structures and VingCard Elsafe

Technical Committee Report

Terry Roeske, Chairman of the MARS Technical Committee, reports on the following initiatives in progress:

  1. Fire Alarm Systems – Dorm Sound Compliance
    • Wireless room devices for retro fit of existing product – Drafting submission to Superior Codes for approval and or feedback with a target date for the draft of May 2014.
    • Building a sound measurement protocol (best practice) for submission to the various approval authorities for input and consensus with a target date of May 2014.
  2. National Energy Code – High Efficiency Furnace Concerns
    • Developing a request for variance for Part 10 structures
      • Referencing current Mobile home exemption
      • Referencing current “on hold” in northern USA
  3. Part 10 Review
    • In process of identifying third party expertise to work with Alberta government and MARS to update Part 10. Targeting May 2014 to hire contractor.
  4. Additional items for consideration
    • CSA water storage tank certification
    • Request from membership for additional Technical Committee support
    • If you have any questions or wish to offer your help to the committee contact Terry at ir@altafab.com

Golf Tournament

The MARS golf tournament will be held in Red Deer at the River Bend Golf & Recreational Area on June 26th, 2014. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the tournament chair, Roger Lemieux at Vipco Industries Inc. 780-862-7755 or email at roger@vipco.ca

Registration details have been forwarded to the membership and can be obtained at rsoucy@marsassociation.ca