Update December 2015

Update December 2015

New Members

The following are the latest new members of MARS:

Regular Members
Double Diamond Industrial Structures LP. – www.ddis.ca
Northern Frontier Corp. – www.nfcorp.ca

Associate Members
Storm Telematics Inc. – www.stormgps.com
True North Oilfield Ltd. – www.truenorthoilfield.com

Please take the time to review their web sites and familiarize yourselves with their capabilities. MARS is pleased to have you join our organization and hope that you take an active participation.

Economic Survey
The regular members will be aware that they had been contacted regarding MARS undertaking, with a third party contractor, a survey of the members. With further review and the current market conditions the Board of Directors felt it was prudent to delay this project and its costs to some future time.

AltaCorp AGM Dinner Presentation
To those who missed the presentation or who are looking for a copy of this exceptional paper, Dana Benner’s presentation is now available at the MARS web site www.marsassociation.ca under the ‘Members Area’ button – see ACC Presentation.

Honourary Members Committee
The MARS Board of Directors, in follow-up to the discussions at the Annual General meeting has established a committee which will be responsible for sourcing and vetting candidates to receive honourary memberships in MARS. The objectives and other pertinent information about the committee can be obtained under ‘Committee Protocols’ at the MARS web site under the ‘Members Area’ button. An announcement of the appointment of a committee chair and members will be made in the new-year.

Technical Committee Update
The committee’s focus for 2016 was noted in the October Newsletter. The committee is continuing with the Part 10 review. In addition contact has been made with the Standards Council of Canada regarding the possible development of a national standard for relocatable structures. Information and results of this contact will be available early in the New Year.

Members Web Site Update
Have you checked out your corporate information on the MARS web site recently? Make sure the company contacts and related information are current and that you are listed in the Products and Services Directory under the appropriate categories. Contact the MARS office with any update requirements.

In addition it is noted that some companies still have the old MARS logo on their web sites. The new logo, in various formats, is available in the ‘Members’ area of the MARS website www.marsassociation.ca

Web Site Advertising
Advertising page banners (see the spaces at www.marsassociation.ca) are available on the MARS web site. Contact Roger Soucy for details.

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