Update August 2015

Update August 2015


The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2015 at the Delta Edmonton South Hotel in Edmonton, AB. The event will again include a trade show, introduced for the first time last year. Regular members (manufacturers and operators) are invited to have representatives from their logistics department attend the trade show and reception to support the exhibitors and get the latest information from the supplier community. Full details and registration information are available on the MARS web site. Mark your calendars for this important event!
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Government Meetings

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director continue to follow up with initiatives noted in the previous newsletter. Contact was again made with representatives of Alberta Municipal Affairs who have agreed to contact their counter parts in B.C. and Saskatchewan to expand on the MARS meetings and discussions. We are all working towards and hope to reach an acceptable approach on relocatable structure standards with the western provinces.

Technical Committee Update

A detailed outline of the committee’s activities was provided in the last newsletter. The following is an update of the committee’s activities over the summer:

  • Guide for Best Practices working session – The committee is working with a third party contractor to develop a best practices guide. It has provided the contractor with feedback on their draft table of contents which is to lead to a budget/quote for the project.
  • Resource Expertise – The Technical Committee is developing a list of resource expertise that can be leveraged for input and overview of various information or challenges being brought forward as the guide material is being assembled. This could also relate to Part 10 review changes as well.

Members Web Site Update

Have you checked out your corporate information on the MARS web site recently? Make sure the company contacts and related information are current. Contact the MARS office with any update requirements.

In addition it is noted that some companies still have the old MARS logo on their web sites. The new logo, in various formats, is available in the ‘Members’ area of the MARS website www.marsassociation.ca

Web Site Advertising

Advertising page banners (see the space at www.marsassociation.ca) are available on the MARS web site. Contact Roger Soucy for details.