Update April 2015

Update April 2015

New Member

The following is the latest new member of MARS:

Versatile Concepts Industries Ltd. – Vonda, Saskatchewan

Please take the time to review their web site and familiarize yourselves with their capabilities.
MARS is pleased to have you join our fold and hope that you take an active participation in the organization.

New Web Site

Have you checked out the new MARS web site? It is hoped that you will find it useful and if you haven’t taken the opportunity to look through it try it soon. We look forward to any feedback you might have. The password and user name for the ‘Members Area’ will be sent to each member upon payment of the 2015 membership fees.


The MARS Golf Tournament will be held on June 25, 2015 at the Red Deer, River Bend Golf & Recreational Area and will include the closing banquet at the golf course. Again watch for details on the MARS web site. Those wishing to help on the committee are invited to submit their names to Roger Soucy at the MARS office.

The dinner meeting held on April 9, 2015 at the Edmonton Delta South was well attended with 50 people registering. The meeting started with a 5:00 pm session updating the membership on the Part 10 code review followed by a status update of the MARS three year strategic plan. A report on Part 10 is listed below under the Technical Committee update and the Strategic Plan report is on the web site in the ‘Members Area’. Those present were then advised of and invited to participate in two surveys the organization will be conducting in the next few of months.
One involves obtaining the insights of the members regarding what kind of economic and statistical information they would like collected and disseminated. The second will ask the members to provide research ideas for the industry that could help target the MBI funding directed to the University of Alberta for that purpose. Note the additional information about these two subjects below under MARS-MBI joint Board meeting.

Following the 5:00 pm session dinner was held which included a report, from the Petroleum Human Resources Council, on the findings of their recent MARS survey on open and closed camps. The complete survey results will be available at the MARS web site in the coming days.

Membership Drive

Given the current economic circumstances the industry faces the anticipated membership drive did not ‘accelerate’ as hoped for. We’ll try again when circumstance are more favorable. However, don’t hesitate to encourage potential member companies to join the organization. We will be stronger for it!

Modular and Offsite Construction Summit (2015 MOC)

The MARS Board of Directors has decided to make a commitment to support the MOC which is undertaken by the University of Alberta Engineering Department and Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein. MARS will have a booth in the trade show. This is the third edition of the summit with delegate interest being shown from around the world including Europe, Korea, and China to mention a few. All details are available at the MOC web site (www.mocsummit.com). The Summit dates are May 19-21, 2015.

MARS – MBI Joint Board Meeting

The majority of the MARS Directors attended a joint board meeting with the MBI Board on March 13th 2015 at the World of Modular conference. The agenda included discussions on North American economic and market information, educational initiatives and promotion of the modular industry.

On the first subject it was decided that rather than develop its own report MARS would work with its members to increase the robustness of the Canadian market information currently included the MBI report. In the matter of educational initiatives MARS committed to solicit its membership for research ideas which could then be forwarded to the MBI Education Foundation. MBI has been providing funding to the University of Alberta for the last several years and are interested in new ideas for this funding. On the final agenda item, promotion of the industry, MBI indicated that it is in the midst of developing a program titled ‘5 in 5’ and targeted to increase modular construction in North America to 5 percent of total construction in 5 years. As the program details are finalized MARS will be invited to participate.

Technical Committee Update

MARS membership survey results were presented by Wayne Rose of riddell kurczaba (MARS consultant) at the April dinner meeting. The complete survey results can be viewed on MARS website. Briefly, as most know, we have worked on this survey to help us better understand the best approach for our industry to take in regards to a Part 10 overhaul. In addition to the survey content the survey also contained input from Municipal Affairs as a result of a joint Municipal Affairs and Technical Committee meeting workshop. The main take away of the survey results, were support for a guide for best practices for the industry as well as a basic Part 10 code review for the upcoming code cycle.

A committee session was held prior to the dinner meeting to explore the various guides to best practice pathways. Preliminary consensus was one of tackling grey areas caused by default compliance going back to other parts of the Alberta Building Code that were inappropriate fits to a relocatable structure.

Also at the dinner presentation Ron Hegdahl from technical committee presented an overview of committee achievements in exempting Part 10 from some key areas of the new Energy Code (9.36). As part of this exchange, the exemption from use of high energy efficient furnace was tabled as well. We are waiting for a formal confirmation from Alberta Municipal Affairs on these items. Notice of the confirmation will be circulated to the membership and posted on the web site.

Web Site Advertising

Advertising page banners (see the space at www.marsassociation.ca) are available on the MARS web site. Contact Roger Soucy for details.