Update February 2015

Update February 2015

New Web Site

Welcome to the new MARS web site! Its development has been several months in process with input from a number of quarters including a beta version opened to the membership in the first two weeks of February. It is designed to be adaptable to changing circumstances so its functionality should provide for long service. It is hoped that you will find it useful and if you haven’t taken the opportunity to look through it try it soon. The password and user name for the ‘Members Area’ will be sent to each member upon payment of the 2015 membership fees.


The next dinner meeting will be on April 9, 2015 at the Edmonton Delta. Watch for complete registration details coming shortly in the events section of this web site.

The MARS Golf Tournament will be held on June 25, 2015 at the Red Deer, River Bend Golf & Recreational Area. Again watch for details on the MARS web site.

Membership Drive

A membership drive was announced at the AGM in November with a follow-up note to members in December. There is one month left in the drive and I would encourage all the members to “get out there and pitch one for the Association”. To encourage the regular members to appeal to their suppliers to join a sample letter was recently distributed. Should you require another copy don’t hesitate to contact the MARS office.

Modular and Offsite Construction Summit (2015 MOC)

The MARS Board of Directors has decided to make a commitment to support the MOC (www.mocsummit.com) which is undertaken by the University of Alberta Engineering Department and Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein. This is the third edition of the summit with delegate interest being shown from around the world including Europe, Korea, and China to mention a few. The MARS support will include the promotion of exhibitors. All details are available at the MOC web site. Time is of the essence since the dates for the Summit are May 19-21, 2015. Give this exhibitor opportunity serious consideration.

Modular Building Institute (MBI) – Town Hall

A February 20, 2015 MBI Town Hall meeting in Edmonton saw many MARS member representatives attend including Board of Directors member Dustin Olson and Executive Director Roger Soucy. The primary focus of the meeting was a presentation and Q&A session with Assistant Deputy Ministers for Alberta Infrastructure Brian Fedor and Andrew Sharman along with the Minister’s Chief of Staff Tom Bradly. It was a lively session with the industry participants peppering the three officials with questions about the current state of the government’s status with regards to modular construction projects and their general disposition to this construction method. The meeting was informed that the department has seen a growing interest in modular though they will need to adjust a number of their current standards in order to accommodate modular. An outcome of the discussion is that the industry needs to reach out to more groups that are involved in the government buying process such as local Boards of Education in the case of school construction.

Technical Committee Update

MARS Survey – The final draft of MARS survey questions was provided to our consultant in mid-January. The survey was sent to the members the first week of February with a 2 week timeline for responses. At the 2 week point in time, based on industry business climate and response to that point, it was agreed to extend deadline to end of the month. At that time, the results will be compiled and analyzed for determining MARS direction in various key areas.

The Technical Committee’s most recent work has involved the imminent adopting of the new Energy Code. As a result of committee working session in October of 2014 with Municipal Affairs and keeping our foot in the door, we received the heads up directly from Mr. James Orr of the adoption of the new Energy Code. As of this day February 26th/15, we have scheduled the first Technical working session to begin digesting the 60 pages of A-9.36 and the impact on our industry. Due to less than a one week notice, we initiated a conference call with Municipal Affairs to at the very least minimize “truly relocatable” Part 10 impact as it relates to A-9.36. In an unintended way, the present Part 10 specifically specifies insulation compliance which way of Part 10 variance, minimize impact for Alberta located relocatable structures. This however would apply to any other structures.