Building Codes

Just as the industry has evolved, so have the construction techniques and safety standards. While the industry is constantly producing new models, there are a lot of privately owned units out in the field. One of the goals of MARS is to see that all units new or old meet all the current safety standards.
NEW products are tagged with RED labels, and OLD ones with GREEN labels, shown here. It’s your assurance that the product your buying or renting meets all current safety and construction codes.
So look for the Label; it it’s not there, find out why!

National Building Code of Canada 2010

Alberta – Building Codes & Standards

Part 10 Labels:
Red Labels are applied to new units and indicate that they meet the requirements of Part 10 at the time of manufacture.
[Part 10 Red Label]

Green labels indicate retrofit work or in the case of present Part 10 labeled units that design changes are compliant with the current Part 10 of the Alberta Building Code.
[Part 10 Green Label]

British Columbia Codes

Manitoba – The Buildings and Mobile Homes Act

Saskatchewan – Building Standards & Licensing

Certification and Accreditation for Part 10
CSA Group –
Intertek –