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October/December 2016 Update


MARS held its Annual General Meeting on November 1, 2016 at the Delta Edmonton South Hotel. Due to the economic conditions the industry finds itself in, the events were scaled back to the AGM itself and a reception. Quorum was achieved and the business of the organization was carried out including a review of the results of the September 2016 member survey. The new Board of Directors will consist of the following individuals:

Chairman – Craig Mitchell, Britco LP
Vice Chair – Wes Patterson, Brokel Industries Inc.
Director – Larry Roeske, Alta-Fab
Director – Ron Hegdahl, BCT Structures INC.
Director – Dustin Olson, Skyline Building Systems Inc.
Director – Kelly Babichuk, Atco Structures & Logistics
Director – Mark Armstrong, Black Diamond Group
Director – Graham Schulte, GNS Industrial Trailer Services


Honourary Members Committee

Due to the scaling back of the AGM events the presentation of honourary memberships was postponed until later in 2017. Watch for a future announcement on this matter and you are encouraged to plan and attend to support the individuals who were instrumental in establishing MARS.

New Strategic Plan

The association will be developing a new three year strategic plan in January 2017. The previous plan reached a conclusion this past year. Input into the new plan will include the results of the September 2016 member survey and a planning session to take place on the 16 & 17 of January in Edmonton. Any members wishing to participate in the planning session are encouraged to contact the MARS office.

Technical Committee Update For 2016

Overview – The primary focus in relation to the technical direction of the MARS Technical Committee has been to support in whatever way possible the creation of a National Standard for Relocatable Structures. This was and is being carried out in conjunction with the successful applicant, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) who are contracted to manage by the Standards Council of Canada as per contract with MARS. Part 10 has been used as a “seed document” as a start to build this Standard which will be referred to as CAN/UL, 2600 Standard for Relocatable Structures.

2016 Key Actions and Events in the creation of a National Standard for Relocatable Structures

  1. Based on the majority of the recommendations for panel expertise from MARS, a Standards Technical Panel (STP) was created by UL to begin carrying out creating a new Standard.
  2. MARS provided UL with a substantial size parking lot list of current and future concerns as it related to what we had experienced from our Alberta Part 10 as a back drop to our current industry compliance status.
  3. UL using Alberta’s Part 10 as the starting document, converted the Part 10 code into “Standards” format for the Standards Technical Panel (STP) to review as the starting point.
  4. Following a number of conference calls and a 2 day face to face panel working session, basic adjustments that could be made to this first addition standard were covered off and incorporated. This needed to follow a strict timeline in order for the required steps to be covered in order to meet the contract March 2017 deadline for Standard to be in place.

    IMPORTANT – The goal of MARS and UL was to meet the contract date of March 2017 knowing that the actual first addition Standard was basically a rewrite of current Part 10. The addressing of the various concerns and forward thinking noted in the Parking Lot list would be forth coming in the second addition. After March 2017, UL would be responsible for building of the second addition. UL Team and MARS consensus was that this was the best opportunity to build more credibility into this National Standard as this would put us in a favorable submission position for adoption into the National Building Code.

  5. 1. Following #4 actions, the panel immediately began working on the second addition of the national standard. A number of small task groups were set up to research and debate specific issues for version #2 (examples are walkways, firewalls, clustering of units, categorization of units, other). This would end 2016.

The Underwriters Laboratories of Canada under a mandate from the Standards Council of Canada, is progressing nicely in the early stages of advancing the new National reference Standard for Relocatable Structures.  A review panel from across the country, made up of representatives from industry, government, and specialists, is being assembled which will guide the development of the standard. They plan to meet in their first face to face meeting in late October to review the first draft of Alberta’s Part 10 Code seed document conversion to a Standards document submitted by Underwriters Laboratories.

This has been deemed to be a critical project for the industry regardless of the current economic conditions. Its development will bring new recognition for the modular relocatable structure industry across Canada and even into the U.S.

2017 Key Actions and Events – National Standard for Relocatable Structures – CAN/UL, 2600

  1. With the UL target deadline of end of February/March, the STP will be working on the next priority group of parking lot list issues for inclusion in the second addition. Any issues/concerns after that can still be worked on but will go into the second version standard as a revision to.
  2. A second 2 day Standards Technical Panel face to face working session to finalize second version changes is set for February 21st and 22nd.
  3. A final STP ballot will confirm to UL to move the second addition forward to the necessary steps in order to be in a position to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 National Building Code.
  4. During the course of the summer, any public or other comments returned to UL requesting change will be considered by the STP for change and then consensus thereafter for the change if it is proposed as such.

In conclusion, we are fortunate to have expertise both directly and indirectly that has seen the value in this initiative and have been genuinely engaged in supporting this process.

Members Web Site Update

Have you checked out your corporate information on the MARS web site recently? Make sure the company contacts and related information are current and that you are listed in the Products and Services Directory under the appropriate categories. Contact the MARS office with any update requirements.

MARS Donation

MARS received a thank you for the proceeds of the June 2016 golf tournament which were directed to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. (See below)

Beverley Sawchuk, with the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and Craig Mitchell Chairman, MARS

Beverley Sawchuk, with the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and Craig Mitchell Chairman, MARS

Have a wonderful Christmas season and a happy New Year!!