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April/May 2016 Update


The dinner meeting held on April 27, 2016 at the Delta Edmonton South Hotel & Conference Centre was a real success given the economic situation faced by the industry. Some 45 attendees participated representing 25 member companies. A presentation by Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein, a professor at the U of A – Hole School of Construction Engineering was well received. Dr. Al-Hussein researches and consults to industry in the areas of modular and offsite construction, lean manufacturing and construction process optimization. His presentation included offsite prefabrication and industrialization of construction practice, technological innovations in prefabrication of construction and systems and manufacturing technologies – products and components.

The MARS Golf Tournament will be held on June 23, 2016 at the Red Deer, River Bend Golf & Recreational Area. As noted in a recent notice sent to the membership we would like everyone to register as early as possible so that we know we have a viable tournament and don’t lose our deposit. We are also looking for a major door prize and other prizes. Roger Lemieux (VIPCO) has graciously accepted to chair the event again this year. All questions regarding the tournament should be directed to him. Details and registration forms are available on the MARS web site or through the MARS office. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Honourary Members Committee

The MARS Board of Directors, in follow-up to the discussions at the Annual General meeting, has established a committee which will be responsible for sourcing and vetting candidates to receive honourary memberships in MARS. The Honourary Members Nominations committee, chaired by Paul Kirkland, will review all applications and forward their results to the MARS Board of Directors for final ratification. If you know of someone who would qualify please complete the nominations form and forward it to MARS.

If you are interested in serving on the committee please contact Paul directly at 780-935-8504.

Applications will be accepted for 2016 until July 29, 2016. Nominations forms, which include the qualifications, are now available through the MARS office and will also be available shortly as a download from the MARS web site.

Technical Committee Update

As noted in the last newsletter MARS has now entered a contract with the Standards Council of Canada to have developed a national reference standard using an updated Part 10 as a guide. An RFP for accredited standards developers was released by the Standards Council with the return date of April 22, 2016. A Standards Council appointed committee, with MARS representation, will evaluate the proposals the next week followed by the selection of the winning bid in the next two weeks. A contract will then be established with the winning developer. The development process with the Standards Council is very detailed and extensive and will require some time to advance. The MARS contract with the Council calls for the entire project to be completed by the end of March 2017.

This is about 3 months longer than we had discussed with you at the AGM last October but will represent a very solid standard with national recognition. The standard will be vetted by various interested federal and provincial government entities as well as technical agencies such as fire Marshalls. MARS will have representation throughout the development process.

The cost for this project has not been fixed at this moment as the RFP selection process has to be completed. However, all the costs will be covered through funds currently held by MARS. Initial estimates were in the $75,000 to $125,000 dollar range. As part of the RFP commitments the developers are obliged to maintain the standard going forward.

This has been deemed to be a critical project for the industry regardless of the current economic conditions. Its development will bring new recognition for the relocatable industry across Canada and even into the U.S.

Members Web Site Update

Have you checked out your corporate information on the MARS web site recently? Make sure the company contacts and related information are current and that you are listed in the Products and Services Directory under the appropriate categories. Contact the MARS office with any update requirements.

Web Site Advertising

Advertising page banners (see the spaces at are available on the MARS web site. Contact Roger Soucy at the MARS office for details.