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Update June 2015

New Member

The following is the latest new member of MARS:
Worksite Construction – Edmonton, AB –
Please take the time to review their web site and familiarize yourselves with their capabilities. MARS is pleased to have you join our fold and hope that you take an active participation in the organization.

Web Site

Have you checked out the MARS web site? It is hoped that you will find it useful and if you haven’t taken the opportunity to look through it try it soon. We look forward to any feedback you might have. The password and user name for the ‘Members Area’ will be sent to each member upon payment of the 2015 membership fees.


The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2015 at the Delta Edmonton South Hotel in Edmonton, AB. The event will again include a trade show, introduced for the first time last year. Plans are currently being developed to include an economic update/forecast session and a special dinner speaker. Full details and registration information will be available on the web site in August. Mark your calendars for this important event!

The MARS Golf Tournament was held on June 25, 2015 at the Red Deer, River Bend Golf & Recreational Area. Given the economic circumstances the 56 registrants provided a good turnout. By comparison 85 people attended last year. Congratulations to the winning team, shown below, being presented with the winners cheques by Roger Soucy. Additional pictures of the event are included at the end of this publication.

From Torch Industries Stephen Sinclair, Scott Patterson, Andrew Archer, and Glen Baron.

Government Meetings

A MARS delegation consisting of MARS chairman, Cameron Bowie, MARS directors Craig Mitchell and Bud Rich and Executive Director Roger Soucy met with British Columbia Office of Housing and Construction Standards Assistant Deputy Minister Jeff Vasey and Executive Director Trudy Rotgans. Discussion items included confusion created by various agency interpretations of regulations, Alberta’s Part 10 and its possible inclusion into B.C. relocatable construction standards and possible alternatives, in the short term, for agreed upon ‘referenced’ standards.

The meeting was very positive with commitments by the B.C. representative that they will contact their opposite numbers in Alberta to discuss potential go forward options.

MARS Surveys

It was noted in the last newsletter that MARS would be conducting two surveys of the membership. The first involved the MBI Education Fund and a request for the members to provide ideas on potential research initiatives to be funded in Canada. MARS conducted the survey in April/May and some twenty ideas were proposed and forwarded to the Canadian representatives on the MBI committee. Thank you to those who participated. The suggestions were wide ranging and very useful.

With regards to the Canadian market economic survey it was decided that rather than develop its own report MARS would work with its members to increase the robustness of the Canadian market information currently included the MBI report. The survey will be conducted sometime in the late summer or early fall.

Technical Committee Update

MARS – Part 10 Update and Part 10 Guide for Best Practices

Overview – As per membership mandate, the MARS Technical committee has been directed to pursue manners in which to execute a Part 10 of the Alberta Building Code review. This process to date has involved a MARS Technical Committee partnered with an outside consultant to carry out a membership survey. Results provided the Technical Committee with more specifics as to key areas of concern and supported a two prong approach to Part 10 review. The first approach is to review the present Part 10 code for changes necessary to re-establish it as a credible code document for relocatable building compliance reference. The second was to begin building a Guide for Relocatable Industry Best Practices.

FIRST – Alberta Building Code – Part 10 Update – Scope of Work
Vision – Part 10 is an exclusive to Alberta Code application that since its inception (1976) has provided compliance variances from the Alberta Building Code for relocatable industrial Housing and related accommodations. In its present form it has not kept pace with current construction technology, current building materials and life safety awareness considerations. Other provinces as well as the United States have seen value in its purpose but found issues with parts being current and shied away from referencing. The outcome of this scope is to elevate Part 10 to represent current building compliance and life safety expectations that are fitting for relocatable industrial housing and related accommodations for and by way of this establish credibility on a national and international level.

SECOND – Part 10 – Guide for Relocatable Structures Best Practices
Vision – Relocatable housing and related accommodations buildings are often located in remote areas. These are often absent of the traditional support and life safety services defined by conventional compliance requirements. Manufacturers and constructors of site built Part 10 structures have developed approaches to situations that conventional codes are challenged to address. Collaboration with local authorities has over the years also developed practices that meet the intent of conventional compliance. This has led to interpretation inconsistencies and gray areas. New entrants into the industry have no visibility of the various “understandings” – – Best Practices. The outcome of this scope is to establish a continuous improvement document in a “Guide for Relocatable Industrial Structures and Related Accommodations” that captures the Part 10 manufacturing, the site constructor, and municipal and local authorities present and future “Relocatable Structures” best practices.

The initiation of a two prong approach to Part 10 review provides both short term actions (Guide for Relocatable Structures Best Practices) and a long term approach (Part 10 Code Update). A Guide can serve as a first step to a Part 10 Code change in next code cycle changes.
There are opportunities within these initiatives to be more inclusive of processes beyond the manufacturing aspect.
These relate to design and site completion of structures which at this point, is the source of various interpretations and therefore “grey” areas and resulting unnecessary disconnects between owner, manufacturer, professionals and local authorities.
As MARS is a non-profit association, secondary funding for the expertise required to carry out these initiatives will be paramount and is currently being investigated

Web Site Advertising

Advertising page banners (see the space at are available on the MARS web site. Contact Roger Soucy for details.

Golf Action and Frolic: